Our mission is to make learning music enjoyable. The most important knowledge that a child acquires at MLMA is that involvement with music is joyful and rewarding. Whether the goal is to acquire professional level training, or to play their favorite tunes for their personal enjoyment, or to develop memory, logic, and an understanding of music to help their general development, music lessons at our school are the highlight of our students' week. We are happy when we see smiles on their faces.

Our method is to develop an individualized approach for each student. Teachers at MLMA will be mixing and matching the best techniques of music learning methods such as Traditional, Russian, and Suzuki methods to tailor teaching to the special needs and learning ways of the student. We believe that the first steps in music are crucial. We believe that students will enjoy music more and learn better in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Our teachers are professionals of the highest level. Our teachers are friendly and are committed to the mission and method of MLMA. Among the teachers are graduates of leading conservatories around the world.

Our director, Sonya Ovrutsky, is a performing concert pianist, graduate of the Juilliard School, and winner of international competitions. She is dedicated to creating a learning environment where teachers of the highest professional qualifications can bring the joy of music to students of all ages. Now in its third year, MLMA continues to grow and gain recognition within the region.

Initial Consultation

MLMA recommends that parents schedule a free student consultation prior to beginning lessons. Students and their parents meet with Ms. Sonya Ovrutsky, MLMA Director, and/or a designated instructor and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their musical interests. Students are then matched with the MLMA instructor who best meets their needs.